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I'm back for another Disney filled summer! I hope you all are just as excited about this as I am. This is my first post back and I hope you guys enjoy!


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Hey Guys I am back. So, I'm going to be using this blog again!

Posting this week CHECK BACK SOON!


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Hey guys! One more update (hehe), The blog will be UP soon! So, in the past week or so I've bought the new layout and making a new domain. The thing that is taking me so long is the graphics for the site. So, when I'm done with a good amount of graphics for the site, I'll link everyone. But, for now, I'll respond to EVERYONE through the comment box and uh... that's about it. Oh, and sorry Hannah that you feel that way. But, it's whatever.


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This will be the last post made by me for a while unless Hannah decides to take control of this site! It's been brought to my attention that the visitors do not like how I run the site, but take a second, I do most of the posting on the site. No Disrespect to Hannah but if you want any post from her expect WEEKS or so. I love hannah for real. She's great but seriously i've been dedicated to this site and I'm sorry if you do not like how I post! I will calm down with the cursing but I will not stop using it. I've decided to open my own domain (which will be much easier to handle) and if Hannah decides to move with me to the new site then that will be great. I'm sorry that you all do not like the layout-- we've tried for MONTHS to make a decent layout and it doesn't work! So, I'm sorry that you feel ours is inadequete! Expect BIGGER THINGS on the new site that will be opening VERY soon!

Also, promoting through people's shoutbox is the way of BLOGGER! Everyone does it (but, 8 pages of it is kind of insane ;) )
My god who cares if I post three times in your damn shoutbox? Do you obviously think it's that big of a deal? I mean, how I handled it early was in a bitchy way, but seriously, come on! I know you're over it now, but on this new site there will be NO shoutbox only posting through comments and emailing.

I do not think any of the Disney Stars are bitches/sluts.. I can't even JUDGE them since I do not know them personally. All I'm doing is adding some spice to the post--which is obviously working since we have people commenting on them (which we never got before). If I didn't like the Disney Stars...why would I waste time finding information about them? huh? I mean, seriously! Anyways, I do like them and a fan of each and everyone that is posted on this site. But, some of the things that they do or is said about them from other sites are just way too funny and you have to LOL!

I've already addressed the issues about adding our link to pictures. We've already discussed it. That situation is over with. We've learned from our mistakes.

I'm not trying to be a bitch just wanted to ADDRESS all of this at hand. Because, it's been weeks of this "YOU'RE DOING THIS WRONG", "I HATE HOW YOU DO THIS", and "SSTOP DOING THIS". So I just wanted to do this all right now. I'm glad that you guys are giving us your opinions and expect BIGGER and GREATER things with our new domain opening SOON! EXPECT ALL NEW LAYOUT BETTER BANNERS ! AND EVERYTHING. EXPECT WHAT YOU WOULD NEVER SEE ON THIS SILLY OL` BLOG.

Oh yeah, all Affiliates from this site will be moved to the new site and anyone who wants affiliation will be notified when the site is open if we want to be affiliates. But, anyways, GOODBYE FOR NOW!


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It has been brought to our attention that TAGGING photos can result in lawsuits against us. We did not itend for this to happen we only tagged the photos as a form of promotion! So, any photos posted after 1/15/08 will no longer be tagged. I'm sorry for anyone who did not get any credit for the pictures.

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Zace in The Upcoming Issue of Details

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Interview is Below

To begin to understand Zac Efron’s particular strain of viral fame, it helps to stop by your nearest department store, drugstore, or grocery store.

A quick glance will reveal his omnipresence. He’s on gift wrap and party cups and trading cards and lunch boxes. That’s his face inside a pink, heart-shaped locket. On pajamas and night lights, cake decorations and lip balm, backpacks and umbrellas. He’s on the official High School Musical digital camera and the official HSM MP3 player. Lately he’s been leaping for joy alongside his cast mates on Honeycomb cereal boxes to plug the DVD release of High School Musical 2.

That sequel, which aired last summer on the Disney Channel, was the most-watched show in basic-cable history. The original installment—also a made-for-TV movie—set the stage for HSM mania; since its debut on January 20, 2006, it has been seen by a worldwide audience of approximately 200 million. The market-research company Soleil-Media Metrics recently estimated that the HSM franchise has contributed at least $1 billion in profits to the Disney empire.

Although there are technically six leads in High School Musical, Efron, 20, is the breakout star, and the cast member who’s become a prime target for the paparazzi. He alludes to this while we’re cruising around his L.A. neighborhood in his black Audi S6, driving past his bland, ordinary-looking apartment complex. “It annoys my neighbors that the paparazzi take all the parking spots,” he says.

Fortunately, though, they don’t seem to be following their prey to the safe haven that’s been designated for our interview: God’s house. The location Efron suggested—the Presbyterian Church of Hollywood—made me wonder initially if the biggest young star in America, whose extracurricular résumé so far remains unbesmirched by coke binges, nightclub brawls, and DUIs, wanted to talk about . . . his faith? Maybe Zac Efron had found Jesus?

Actually, no. (I find out later he was raised as an agnostic.) Efron chose this location because the church campus is being rented out by the production company for his next movie, Seventeen, for the indoor basketball court in particular; Efron’s character in the movie (like his HSM character) is a basketball whiz.

The church setting suits him. He says stuff like “Cool, dude!” with such infectious joie de vivre that I have to keep reminding myself that we’re really in Hollywood, the world’s most cynical company town. The squeaky-clean High School Musical movies were shot in Utah, and it’s almost like Efron brings a little bit of Utah with him wherever he goes (he’s actually from Arroyo Grande, California: population 16,700). He could be a lost Osmond.

On the Hollywood Presbyterian court, Efron shows off his rapid-fire between-the-legs dribble, explaining that getting the look and feel of it right took him forever: “I’ve just been doing this over and over and over again at home, practicing in my kitchen.” At five feet ten, he’s gifted with speed and agility, but his teenage growth spurt came relatively late, so for much of his childhood he was the runty, relatively unathletic kid.

Seventeen is a reverse-Big tale in which a man, played by 38-year-old Matthew Perry, somehow ends up in the body of a 17-year-old boy, played by Efron. “I’m essentially playing an old, kind of depressed middle-aged man,” Efron says. He still seems a bit shocked that the movie was created as a star vehicle for him.

“It’s weird,” he says, “but I don’t feel like I deserve any of the attention. There’s really nothing but one audition for a Disney Channel movie that separates me from 2,000 other brown-haired, blue-eyed guys in L.A., you know?”

Somewhere in the world, right this second, a little gay boy is making a plastic Zac Efron kiss another plastic Zac Efron. Bizarrely, the actor’s two biggest roles so far have both led to the same non-biodegradable immortality. The High School Musical “Troy Bolton” doll version of Zac Efron was followed by its own doppelgänger: the Hairspray “Link Larkin” doll version of Zac Efron.

“Zac is by far the biggest male personality in terms of driving interest and sales since Leonardo DiCaprio 10 years ago,” says Matthew Rettenmund, the editor-in-chief of Popstar!, a celebrity teen-pop magazine.

Both DiCaprio and Efron made their names with family-friendly TV (DiCaprio did 22 episodes of Growing Pains; Efron did 16 of the WB surf drama Summerland). DiCaprio had his iconic music-video-esque romantic role (in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet); Efron has his (HSM). DiCaprio broke out of the tween ghetto with Titanic; Efron broke out, to a lesser but still remarkable extent, with last year’s Hairspray (which has grossed close to $200 million worldwide).

Unlike DiCaprio, though, who at the height of his post-Titanic fame was notorious for gallivanting around with his “pussy posse” of bad boys, Efron remains, unwaveringly, Mr. Clean. Since much of the adult audience that knows him by name hasn’t necessarily seen any of his work, his fame can seem two-dimensional: He’s the smiley, androgynous pretty boy in all those High School Musical promo shots, looking so innocent and sun-kissed you could almost mistake him for an animated Disney character.

Which is why the paparazzi have, actually, been accidentally helpful. If there’s one reason Efron has graduated from Popstar! pinup to mass-market cultural phenomenon, it’s surely the shots of him canoodling with his High School Musical costar Vanessa Hudgens during a Hawaiian getaway last year. Those pictures, he says, were a rather startling wake-up call. Though he’d previously been “papped,” mostly at official HSM and Hairspray events, the “Zanessa” pictures were stealthily shot on a beach via telephoto lens. “At that point it was inconceivable,” he says. “I had no idea that anyone could ever care. That happens to, like, big stars. I woke up and my dad told me that I was in a newspaper on the beach—he made fun of me, he said I was ‘frollicking.’

Beyond stoking interest in his on-screen/off-screen romance, the shots had the net effect of transforming Efron’s image overnight—because they called attention to the fact that, out of his candy-colored HSM Garanimals, Efron has a body that’s only a few crunches short of a Fight Club–ready Brad Pitt. Suddenly, the world knew that the kid from High School Musical was an adult. The episode also ended up being his first lesson in the economics of the stalkerazzi racket. Before leaving Hawaii, Efron says, “the photographer left me a note with a disc of all the pictures, and on the note it said, ‘Thanks for the Range Rover!’”

When Kenny Ortega, the director of High School Musical, talks about Zac Efron, he sounds like he’s discussing a contract player from the golden age of movie-musicals. “He’ll sweat for hours in the mirror in prep for a dance number,” Ortega says, “then stay up all night to record a song.” Both HSM movies—which are jammed with virtually nonstop song-and-dance numbers—were notorious for their grueling, Chorus Line-style auditions and rehearsals.

Of course, the same cultural forces that have made PG-rated TV shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance pop-cultural touchstones laid the groundwork for HSM’s success. In other words, there’s something both profoundly retro and perfectly timed about Efron and his anti-bad-boy persona.

“I have to say this,” says Efron’s close friend and Hairspray costar Nikki Blonsky when asked for a Zac Efron story. “He and I were both so excited about John Travolta being in Hairspray with us. We knew that he was coming on a specific day, and the night before, me and Zac ran to a Subway, got sandwiches, and ran back to his apartment to watch Grease. We were just freaking out and screaming that we couldn’t believe that Danny Zuko was going to be in our movie!”

Efron is unapologetic about his gotta-sing-gotta-dance! passion. After getting cast, at 11, as a newsboy in a local production of Gypsy, he discovered his taste for musical theater.

“I wouldn’t say I got flak about it,” he says, “but I wouldn’t say I got support either.” Efron is telling me this in an off-the-beaten-path Hollywood coffee shop, which he’s possibly selected because it’s tween-free. “My friends—it was all about skateboarding, sports. It was kind of like, ‘Really? Like, really, you have fun acting? Dancing and singing? You really have fun doing that?’”

Unlike some past Disney stars—including Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera, who were preteen costars on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club in the early nineties, not to mention Lindsay Lohan, who had a three-picture Disney deal by the age of 12—Efron wasn’t concocted in a petri dish in an underground Magic Kingdom laboratory. He only started auditioning in Hollywood on the recommendation of a high-school drama teacher, who hooked him up with her agent.

His skeptical parents (his dad is an engineer at a power plant, his mom was a secretary there) gave him a year to make a go of auditioning in Hollywood. This involved a six-hour round-trip drive every time he got a call to read for a part. As he reached the end of his allotted year, he started to consider studying film at either UCLA or USC, where he’d been accepted. “And then,” he says, “there was one last small audition, for this little TV movie on Disney Channel . . .”

If Zac Efron sounds like Ren McCormack, the small-town boy in Footloose who just wants to dance, it’s probably no surprise that Kenny Ortega has been developing a remake of the hit eighties movie—with Efron, of course, as the new Kevin Bacon.

In real life, as in Footloose!, there are dark, cynical forces that conspire to prevent young men from just livin’ their dreams. Young men like Efron, and dark, cynical forces like, of course, the paparazzi—a scourge I ask about again despite Efron’s insistence that he doesn’t want to sound “ungrateful” for his fame.

With a bit of prodding, he finally lets loose on how the paparazzi get under his skin: “They use espionage tactics, and they’re malicious and relentless. Anything to get a reaction. Anything to get that frown, or a scream into the camera, or some kind of backlash. They’ve got that photo where all of a sudden, you know, Zac’s frowning—now he’s on crack! They shout things about your mom, about your family. It’s a weird industry that I’m still getting used to. But sometimes it just takes all your might not to literally swing at these guys.” Efron knows the game he’s being asked to play. “These days,” he says, “everyone is just waiting for me to fuck up. I’m not gonna give anyone the satisfaction of that.”

Almost immediately, though, he’s back on message as the gracious, appreciative, levelheaded teen idol: “I actually just got a really cool letter in the mail,” Efron says. “This girl sent a letter and a $10 bill. It’s a short letter—all she said was ‘Hey, since it’s harder for you to get out these days to eat without getting photographed, here’s $10 for a pizza. It’s on me.’ So I was like, Awww! She sent me money for a pizza, so I could eat in at home!”

Even when I bring up notorious “Queen of Mean” gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who is obsessed with insinuating that Efron—whom he’s nicknamed “Zacquisha”—is gay, Efron’s response is almost surreally nice: “I know it’s very addictive to read that kind of stuff. It’s entertainment. Perez has obviously struck a chord in the public eye. He’s doing something right. That deserves admiration—I think he does a great job. Um—” He pauses for a moment, then adds, “Honestly, if the worst he can say about me is that I’m gay, then I think I’ll be fine. I can handle it.”

Has he met Perez? “No, I haven’t yet. But I look forward to it,” he says, laughing. “I think it’ll be a fun conversation.”

Efron’s soft-and-cuddly nice-guy veneer, it turns out, may actually be bulletproof armor.

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